Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

      The first human vaccines against viruses were primarily based on the exploitation of weaker or attenuated viruses to come back up with immunity. The pox immunizing agent used Vaccinii, associate degree virus that was similar enough to pox to protect against it but generally did not cause serious illness. The madness was the first virus attenuated in a very work to make an immunizing agent for humans. Vaccines unit of measurement created exploitation several utterly completely different processes. they are going to contain live viruses that area unit attenuated (weakened or altered to not cause's illness); inactivated or killed organisms or viruses; inactivated toxins (for being diseases where toxins generated by the bacteria, and not the microorganism themselves, cause's illness); or simply segments of the agent (this includes every unit and conjugate vaccines).

  • Track 1-1Inactivated Vaccines
  • Track 1-2Live-Attenuated Vaccines
  • Track 1-3Toxoid Vaccines
  • Track 1-4Recombinant Vaccines
  • Track 1-5Subunit and Conjugate Vaccines

               Covid-19 or novel coronavirus is the recent viral infection which has risen as a pandemic and greatly affecting the majority of world and neutralizes the entire nominal system. From the time virus started to spread, various pharmaceutical industries and universities have been working on finding a suitable vaccine to treat this virus. In the late November, Astrazenca and oxford university have announced that they have been successfully developed the vaccine (with higher efficacy) and since then has been approved by WHO for using the vaccines on a global stage. Bharat Biotech have also successfully developed a vaccine for covid which has been circulated throughout India and around the world. However, there were concerns regarding the efficacy of the vaccine and whether it has undergone every clinical trial possible. These vaccines are currently used around the world in the fight against covid.

  • Track 2-1Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine
  • Track 2-2Astrazenca/Oxford Covid Vaccine
  • Track 2-3Safety and efficacy reports
  • Track 2-4Side effects of intaking such vaccines
  • Track 2-5Vaccine research to have higher efficacy.

       The semi-permanent goal is to develop a secure and effective immunogen that protects people worldwide from getting infected with HIV. However, even if associate degree immunogen only protects several people who get vaccinated, or even if it provides however total protection by reducing the prospect of infection, it will still have a big impact on the rates of transmission and facilitate management of the pandemic, considerably for populations at high risk of HIV infection. A partially effective immunogen would possibly decrease the amount of people administrative body get infected with HIV and reducing the amount of people administrative body can pass the virus on to others. By significantly reducing the number of recent infections, we are going to stop the epidemic.

  • Track 3-1Clinical Trials for HIV-vaccine development
  • Track 3-2Possible solutions regarding HIV-Vaccine
  • Track 3-3Available vaccine-based treatments for HIV
  • Track 3-4Various struggles regarding vaccine development
  • Track 3-5Vaccination treatment for HIV

    The foremost common way to immunize an individual against disease is through an immunization to anticipate certain maladies. In a few occurrences, antibodies have been effective in disposing of infections in certain zones. Cases incorporate polio immunization; it works by giving an individual a substance that contains exceptionally little parts for a debilitated frame of an irresistible specialist like a virus or bacterium. Usually often conveyed through an infusion. The infection or bacterium invigorates the body’s resistant framework to deliver antibodies. These antibodies are at that point able to recognize and viably crush the disease when they are following uncovered to it. This makes a difference to ensure an individual from developing an irresistible illness if they encounter it within the future. If you have got a lung condition, you are at more hazard of creating aviation route contaminations and it is vital simply ensure yourself as much as conceivable by getting the immunizations prescribed to you by your healthcare proficient.

  • Track 4-1Vaccination for Adults
  • Track 4-2Adults with respiratory problems
  • Track 4-3Vaccines for diabetic respiratory condition
  • Track 4-4Vaccine for Influenza treatment
  • Track 4-5Pneumococcal disease treatment by vaccines

         The foremost common way to immunize somebody against relate degree contamination is through an immunization. In a few occurrences, antibodies are sure-fire in disposing of infections in a few ranges. Cases grasp intense front poliomyelitis. Inoculation works by giving somebody a substance that contains horrendously little components for a debilitating sort of relating degree specialist sort of a virus or microbes. Usually frequently as a rule conveyed through associate degree infusion. The infection or bacteria invigorates the body’s framework to supply anti-bodies. These antibodies unit at that point prepared to recognize and successfully annihilate the disease after they area unit another uncovered to that. This makes a difference to shield somebody from creating communicable malady if they are available into contact with it inside long-standing time. If you've got a respiratory organ condition, you're at extra chance of creating aviation route contaminations and it's crucial that you just fair guard yourself the most extreme sum as achievable by accepting vaccines from a top healthcare professional.

  • Track 5-1Pulmonary Vaccines
  • Track 5-2Pre-infection TB Vaccine
  • Track 5-3Vaccine development for Tuberculosis
  • Track 5-4High efficacy vaccine development

             Immunizations that protect them from over a dozen infections like infectious illness, polio, lockjaw, diphtheria, and respiratory illness (whooping cough). Most of those illnesses’ unit of measurement right now at their least levels in history, due to a long time of immunization. Adolescents ought to get a least a few antibodies sometime recently they will go to college. Immunizations encourage you to safe from genuine maladies whereas not getting wiped out 1st. Antibodies work best once they are given at bound ages. For occurrence, youths do not get infectious illnesses on the off chance that they are immunized till they're a least one-year past. On the off chance that it is given prior it would not work in expansion.

  • Track 6-1Vaccines for Kids
  • Track 6-2Diphtheria Vaccine
  • Track 6-3Tetanus Vaccine
  • Track 6-4Polio Vaccine (Inactivated form)
  • Track 6-5PCV-13
  • Track 6-6Hepatitis-B Vaccine

           Due to the enormous assortment of doable immunogen classes, complexness of items and forms, and forceful timelines for immunogen improvement and lifecycle administration, there must be greater speculation in specialized capabilities by creators. Amid this setting, it is basic that creators, controllers, and providers work along to get a handle on common challenges and openings. firms ought to see unused CMC patterns, as well as greater, utilize of stage innovations, push on past information, improvement of novel helpful and cancer immunizations, and quickened advancement.

  • Track 7-1Discovery of Antigen
  • Track 7-2Antigen Processing
  • Track 7-3Antigen-Antibody Interaction
  • Track 7-4Clinical trials and Testing
  • Track 7-5Host susceptibility and treatment.
  • Track 7-6Vaccines and Nanotechnology
  • Track 7-7Vaccines and Drug Delivery
  • Track 7-8Chemistry of Vaccines

Immunity is one of the major allies to the system which helps in protecting and maintaining the body from getting affected by pathogens and other toxic organisms which can damage our system. There are different types of cells which have various properties thereby assisting in eliminating such threats. In some cases, the cells won’t be enough to eradicate the threat and even to eliminate such threat from early stages, Immunization is essential in maintain a normal lifestyle throughout without having any other damages to the body.

  • Track 8-1Need for Immunization
  • Track 8-2Pharmacology of Vaccines
  • Track 8-3Immunization Schedules
  • Track 8-4Immunology and Vaccines
  • Track 8-5Advantages of Immunization

   Hepatitis A and liver illness viral hepatitis are 2 shapes of hepatitis. (The others are assortments C, D, and E.) You get them from infectious disease. Each one of these infections is completely diverse. In any case, the maladies they cause are comparative. Liver malady brings liver irritation, and it is genuine or may be genuine. There are secure and compelling immunizations that will halt hepatitis A and B (but not for assortments C, D, or E). There is conjointly a blend immunizing specialist that watches against hip to A and B.

  • Track 9-1Hepatitis A
  • Track 9-2Hepatitis B
  • Track 9-3Hepatitis Vaccine treatment
  • Track 9-4Liver treatment
  • Track 9-5Targeted vaccine treatment.

From Children to Adults, Healthcare is one of the primaray factors necessary of improving the longevity of One's life and necessary steps must be taken from the get go to avoid any complications. Public healtcare professionals aids every people by providing necessary precautionary solutions before the person gets affected. They provide the necessary solution this is needed during that time period and help in grwoing a safer and better community

  • Track 10-1Covid-19 Vaccination
  • Track 10-2Pediatric Vaccination
  • Track 10-3Healthcare Analysis
  • Track 10-4Community Survey
  • Track 10-5Medical Research and Solution

           With a considerable increase in population and the constant increase in numerous amounts of bacteria and viruses, the human system is prone to various diseases which considerably affect the immune system. Human Immunization is the process of vaccinating a individual so as to improve their immune potential if they are to be affected by any invading micro-organisms.

  • Track 11-1Vaccinating Humans
  • Track 11-2Issues regarding vaccines
  • Track 11-3Vaccine Compatibility
  • Track 11-4Production of Vaccines with high efficacy.
  • Track 11-5Process of Vaccination.

            Veterinary vaccines and specifically designed to treat medical conditions that are associated with animals and the resulting disease my affect humans if they were to be in contact or affected by such animals. The vaccines are specifically developed and mostly are in an inactive state so the acquired immunity of the individual can increase considerably and more treatable.

  • Track 12-1Parvovirus vaccine
  • Track 12-2Distemper vaccine
  • Track 12-3Canine vaccine
  • Track 12-4Hepatitis vaccine
  • Track 12-5Rabies Vaccine

          Rotavirus is a common viral infection that are mostly found among young infants and children which causes severe diarrhoea and dehydration. Since the virus has the potential to spread easily, vaccination is suggested for infants to tackle the issue caused by rotavirus. The initial dose of vaccine is given after 15 weeks of birth and various doses are given during an 8 month period of child growth.

  • Track 13-1Rotarix
  • Track 13-2RotaTeq
  • Track 13-3Rotasill
  • Track 13-4Rotavac

           The Delivery of vaccine is essential to activate the immune system and treat any complications. But in some cases, it may not prove to be effective, and the vaccination process may backfire. The general process of delivery is through direct means(mouth) or in some case through injection(liquid). Some advanced treatment requires the complete vaccine to treat such conditions and to improve the efficacy of vaccine for treatment, various methods are being developed to tackle such problems caused by conventional vaccination process.

  • Track 14-1Mucosal delivery system.
  • Track 14-2Vaccination by using Adjuvants.
  • Track 14-3DNA vaccine delivery
  • Track 14-4Microneedle based delivery
  • Track 14-5Vaccination using Nanoparticles

           Vaccination is the process of increasing one’s immune response by making most of the T-cells to Memory T-cells to counterattack at a faster rate and high virulency if they are to be attacked by the same antigen. Vaccination during pregnancy has the potential to influence infant so in most of the cases, vaccination during pregnancy is mostly avoided. However, pregnant women are also susceptible to some infection and are requested to take some vaccines before or during pregnancy. But some of the vaccines are even suggested during pregnancy in case of global pandemic.

  • Track 15-1Vaccines during pregnancy
  • Track 15-2Risk factors associated with vaccines.
  • Track 15-3Vaccine research
  • Track 15-4Vaccine for Maternal-fetal immunization
  • Track 15-5Pregnancy and Covid-19 vaccine

        Aquaculture is the process of breeding, raising, and harvesting fish at a cultured environment which provides a suitable and adaptive condition for fish to grow and to be healthy. Sea based plants are also planted to provide the same aquatic culture for the animals. Maximising the growth and multiplying the fishes also has its consequences. This environment has the potential to be more viral friendly and affect the entire eco-system. This can be prevented by having basic good husbandry practices, if not they are to be reduced by vaccination or by using immunostimulants which boosts increases the immunity to its maximum potential.

  • Track 16-1Bacterins
  • Track 16-2Live, Attenuated Vaccines
  • Track 16-3Toxoids
  • Track 16-4Subunit Vaccines
  • Track 16-5Aquaculture vaccine research

            Vaccinations are mostly viruses or bacteria that are in their inactive state and helps in enhancing the immune activity. They usually cause mild effects such as swelling, soreness and sometimes increases the body temperature. However, in some cases, vaccines may cause some severe effects, but they are very rare. Some of the European countries have stopped the use of Astrazenca vaccine as they seem to cause blood clots and Austria have reported a person have died because of it. However, there was no evidence regarding such actions and WHO has requested to use the vaccine on such countries.

  • Track 17-1Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Track 17-2Adverse body reaction
  • Track 17-3Vaccine information Statement
  • Track 17-4Hyperactivity
  • Track 17-5Disorders and diseases.

                 With the increase in number of cases around the world, research work has become the major factor to solve any issues concerning the viral infection. The research works proved to be more that effective and the counterattack against the virus has started but still have a long way to go. Targeted vaccination research works are still ongoing and if succeeds, it can greatly influence the process of treatment and recovery of the individual. Various research works are done on using vaccines for smallpox and polio and are working to further improve their efficacy. Furthermore, research works are also being done to improve maternal Immunization and other such research works.

  • Track 18-1Covid-19 vaccine development with improved efficacy
  • Track 18-2Maternal Immunization
  • Track 18-3Improving efficacy for treating pneumococcal diseases
  • Track 18-4Development of Cancer vaccines
  • Track 18-5Development of targeted vaccine treatment

         Various types of vaccines are discovered to treat the individuals during the pandemic and vaccine distribution is essential to achieve the target of vaccinating people around the world. With the second wave and third wave of cases are increasing around the world, the distribution of vaccine will play a major part in reducing such effects. Some minor countries are still deprived of vaccines and necessary steps are to be taken if the numbers or to be reduced soon. The distribution of vaccine and its availability makes it essential in terms of vaccine production process.

  • Track 19-1Large Production of Vaccines
  • Track 19-2Vaccine distribution
  • Track 19-3Vaccine availability
  • Track 19-4Collective and Controlled Distribution